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Baltimore- GREAT TEMPLATE for Greatness- Youth Football Coaches Clinic

Baltimore Youth Football Coaches Clinic
Baltimore Youth Football Coaches Clinic
Baltimore Youth Football Coach Aaron
Baltimore Youth Football Coach Aaron













Thank you Baltimore for the great youth football coaches clinic we had there last weekend. I’ve done over 200 coaches clinics all over the world, but it’s always such a treat to get back to Baltimore. If you aren’t a clinic guy you are really missing out. Books and DVDs are great but working with fellow very successful coaches in a group environment, can’t be beat. We saw staffs coming together and putting together plans for dominating the 2016 Fall Season.

Why are the Baltimore Youth Football Coaches Clinics so great?

Coaches that CARE- we had over 220 different coaches in attendance during the day.

Maryland- Northern Virginia has excellent youth and High School football. Very competitive football coached by guys who know what they are doing and put their time in.

Great participation- we always had 10-15 guys at the ready to do demos. Guys who followed directives extremely well.

Willing to cooperate. The interactions and noise between coaches was off the charts. So many new friends, mentors and peer relationships being formed. Lots of phone number and e-mail exchanges going on. Baltimore guys, really want to help each other get better.

This picture is of our room at 8:15 for our first 8:30 session. By 10:00 we had at least 15-20 guys sitting on the floor and another 20-30 standing out the door. It has been like this the last 4-5 times we’ve come.

Special thanks to Glazier, all the guys who helped on the demos and all the ultra successful Winning Youth Football System coaches in the area like Tony Holland, Jarvis Thomas, Aaron Smith and others who helped make the clinic such a success.

We also love the seafood, friendly accommodating people and the clinic location on the inner-harbor.

For more info on our clinic schedule go here. We are adding dates all the time. Public clinics in Nashville, Atlanta and Salt Lake City being added soon. Also private clinics added in Dallas and Niagara NY. If you are looking for a Private or Sponsored clinic, the dates are filling up fast.  Coaching Clinic Schedule


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