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Denver Youth Football Coaches Clinic

Denver Youth Football Coaches Clinic
Denver Youth Football Coaches Clinic





Denver Youth Football Coaches Clinic

Thank you so much Denver- we had an awesome time at the clinic with right at 200 youth coaches in attendance. Such an attentive and interactive group. We were able to do a lot of demos on the oline and defensive segments and we even ran a few plays and adjustments on offense.  When you bring your whole staff or even parts of it, you can all get on the same page and plan your season out right in the car or inbetween sessions.

Special thanks to these guys, the Colorado Springs Vikings

Here’s our story.  My older son (now about to enter high school) started playing park & rec tackle football in 3rd grade.  He joined a team that happened to be running your WYF system.  It was a great introduction to the game, with one of the best staffs he was has worked with at any level.  I was hooked when I saw 3rd & 4th graders bringing 4 people to the point of attack on 16 power.  He still has his “Attitude” character rock displayed proudly amongst his many trophies.

Three years later my younger son started playing as a 3rd grader for the Colorado Springs Vikings in the Pikes Peak Pop Warner league.   The team only had 2 coaches, and 1/2 way through the season they asked for help and Al and I signed up.  I implemented your wide tackle 6 on D and that immediately helped make games closer, but we still ended up with a losing season.  The following Spring, Al and I took over coaching and implemented more of your system, especially around practice organization and player evals.  But we still used our own wishbone O.  Our O did great against less experienced teams, but struggled against larger more experienced ones.  Still, we had 3 winning seasons in a row.  Finally this last fall season we went all in with the WYF system in all aspects.  Our offensive productivity and consistency went up.  We out scored opponents 20-5 on average, and went to the DIII state championship where we lost to the eventual regional champions 6-13. This despite fielding a team of just the 26 players that signed up, often competing against teams that had created “select” teams from pools of as many as 80 players.

We love the system because it is one of the few that is tailored to the youth game.  And the reference materials are complete – I can build a practice plan with references to videos and drills, and our staff can study that before practice and come in fully up to speed.  It enables the entire staff, even those new to coaching, to hit the ground running from day 1.


Thanks for all you’ve done for the game!

Coach Brian Becker

Colorado Springs Vikings


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