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10 Things a Youth Football Head Coach Wants to Hear From an Assistant

Youth Football Coaching Staff
Youth Football Coaching Staff

10 Things a Youth Football Head Coach Wants to Hear From an Assistant

What do youth football head coaches look for in as assistant coach? In a perfect world, these would be some of the things a youth football assistant coach would say to the head coach during his interview

I played ABC position in High School, I would like to coach that position, but put me wherever you need the help.

Whatever role you give me, I’m going to do my very best at excelling at. If you put me in charge of the water, I’m going to be the very best water guy in the history of youth football.

I don’t care what position my son plays, please don’t give him any special treatment because I’m on the staff.


I have your back, you are In charge. As long as you are not jeopardizing the safety of the kids, I will support you.

If we disagree on anything significant I will address it in private.

When we disagree I will maintain my cool and communicate in a mutually respectful way.

I will not play favorites with my son or his friends, the kids play where they benefit the team most. Their playing time is earned.

I will present my favorite drills to you in writing 2 weeks prior to practice to make sure you feel comfortable with them.

While I may not be a fan of our scheme or approach all the time, the players and parents will never know, I understand the value of presenting a united front.

You can’t carry all the water for the team- let me know if there are any tasks you feel can be offloaded onto someone like me.

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  1. Yosi

    Coach Cisar:

    Great post. I’ve had some assistants like what you described…very nice. I’ve moved since then, but they and I are still close personal friends.

    Recently, you had a post on football geniuses who do poorly at coaching the youth game. What “football knowledge” should an assistant coach have, if any? I think I would sooner have the team player you described above than have a football genius…obviously, I’d prefer both. What are your thoughts on what an assistant should know?



  2. dave cisar


    I don’t think it matters, what matters is are they open minded and interested in learning the game and how to reach and teach kids.

    From a credibility standpoint, they should know the basic rules. But after that- think about the knowledge they need to do stuff like: 1 and 2 step drills, running a Hawaiian Football Game drill, running a sumo or Deer Hunter drill. How much football expertise does that take- something you can teach anyone with an IQ above 90 to do in 15 minutes.


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