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Youth Football Plays- Testimonials From the 2016 Season

Testimonials From Youth Football Coaches on the Winning Youth Football System

These are some testimonials from youth football coaches who have used Dave Cisar’s Youth Football Plays and Winning Youth Football System. Look at all the testimonials- from over 1,000 youth football coaches from all 50 states in every age group.


Winning Youth Football- YOuth Football Plays Testimonials









Just wanted say thanks for all the great coaching tips and your Winning Youth Football system. . I could never be more proud of our team. We got better every week and “finished”. These kids will remember this night for the rest of their lives.Sincerely,

Coach Rob   East Davidson Pee Wees NC                     League Champions

Dave-  They’ve decided to not outlaw the singlewing but I’m ready for another season of belly aching from other teams. Btw we went 11-0 last season and only had one home game due to our field being redone. Your Winning Youth Football system is great and I will continue to teach it. Thanks

Joe Gleason         Hoyoke Mass       11-0

Coach Dave-  I have been running your system for about four years now.  Last season we won the county champion ship in a blowout 46-6 (Record 9-0).  Used your Buck Series to throw our opponent off guard with a more balanced approach. Love your youth football plays and way of doing things.

Scott Buff, Hickory,  NC Age 9-10    9-0    League Champions

Dave- Thank you for posting the information on rule changes and the recruiting info. I have used your youth football offense and think it is absolutely spot on for junior football. You have done a great job with your learning materials. Well done.

Richard M. Cavagnol

Dave, I have run your system for years, I have had undefeated seasons and a couple of championships- thanks again for those years. This year I coached our Heavyweights for the first time and was mandated by our new High School Coach to run his system to get them ready for High School.  We had mixed results running his system which is The Spread, primarily due to the fact that I had no idea how to coach it.  After 3 straight devastating losses later in the season, I went back to your Single Wing offense for the last 3 games to breath some new life into the team.  Won the last 3 games running the Winning Youth Football System. Thanks,

Coach Joe Heinmiller

Dave, I just want to let you know that our team, Grapevine Faith Christian School, won the Texas State Championship for 2016 TAPPS.  Do you remember visiting us 7 or 8 years ago?  Bobby Williams and I were there and we both got started coaching with “Winning Youth Football”.  Thank you for all you do for the kids, the coaches, the game, and most of all, The Kingdom.  I appreciate you.

Robert Maxey           Grapevine TX       Grapevine Faith                        12-0             League Champions

We joined a new league made up mostly of teams from the Austin area.  Our organization’s Rookie teams had run your Single Wing offense and Winning Youth Football System against other small-town teams for the past few years … and we were interested in seeing how the offense would stack up against teams from larger towns.  Well, the offense continued to be impressive against the new competition, as we scored at least 24 points in nine of our ten games.  Our overall record was 8 wins and 2 losses (with seven of the wins by 20+ points) … and we proved to be one of the best teams in our 17-team division. These youth football plays work no matter the competition. Thanks for all you do in helping youth football coaches throughout the country!

Mike Trevino, Spring Branch Rangers — Spring Branch, TX  Ages 7-8

Three years ago Coach Rex  Petrey was thrown in as a volunteer parent to coach the offensive line. He admits that he knew nothing about teaching blocking rules or technique. Obviously, not knowing anything about coaching the O line was a huge detriment to winning games and they ended the 2013 season with a single win. During the 2014 off season, Coach Petrey proudly tells everyone that he came upon your WYF program from a coaching blog and reading all of your posts and testimonials. Last year (2014) Coach Petrey took our anklebiter team to the championship, but lost.

This year(2015)our players moved up to the 80 pound division. Once again Coach Petrey and his staff wisely used the off season to attend coaches clinics, lectures and study the WYF adjustments, play call sequence, scouting etc. He also researched and studied attacking/aggressive defenses that are effective at the youth level. By the end of the season, he was able to call over 30 plays, using the no huddle wrist coach and making blocking/line adjustments with hand signals. From a parents point of view-it was incredibly impressive what he did with these young players.

Our Dulles South Thunder 80 N1 Team finished the 2015 season with the number one offense averaging 35 points a game, the number one defense allowing less than 6 points a game. They completed the undefeated season with a 32-13 Championship victory.

Coach Petrey was awarded the Dulles South Youth Football Coach of the Year, was named as the 2015 Northern Virginia Hall of Fame Coach of the Year, and was recently elected as the Dulles South Youth Football Commissioner.

Rex Petrey, Dulles, VA   Dulles South Thunder Ages   Dulles Youth Football League Ages 9-11    11-0 League Champions

We finished 6-3 this year and lost in the first round of the playoffs 54-38.  We had the #2 scoring offense in the League, and we destroyed everyone except the 2 teams we lost to. But they are off to high school now and I have the same group together again that went 10-0 in 2014.  I am still 25-4 for my coaching career using your system and I love the single wing offense and your youth football plays and playbook.

Dave Marshall,                        Ann Arbor Michigan

We used your system this year. I did not receive the materials until the second week of practice.  We lost our opening game of the year but rattled off 6 straight wins and cruised to a 44-20 win in the championship.  Our team was a 4-6th youth football team.  Your youth football playbook was easy to install and the cheat  cards helped tremendously.  Thanks and look forward to utilizing this system from the beginning.  I will be looking to implement your defense as well next year.

Sean Spoonts  Eureka Youth Football,   Eureka Kansas   Age 9-11          6-1    League Champions

I want to tell you how our team did this season running your Winning Youth Football approach to coaching and your single wing offense. First let me tell you about our team, It’s a 7-8 year old team with 6 returning players, 7 new seven year olds, and one new 8 year old. We had fourteen players in all. This is a Pop Warner 8U team. They were under sized and outweighed in every game, and also out numbered.

The team went 8-3, The three games lost were all close in score, they were not shut out. They made it into 8U championship just using the Sainted Six Youth Football Plays in your playbook. In that game, 10 plays into it we lost our blocking back/Middle linebacker (broken ankle). We were shorthanded due to a bunch of injuries but did well anyways.   I want to thank you, your system is why this team was successful.

Cord Amity 8U Head Coach,   Woodbridge, CT.   Ages 7-8             8-3   League Runners Up

Oh, Im loving your Winning Youth Football System, especially the Game DVD from 2007 since we are putting in the Jet Series for our playoff run this year. This is my 4th year with your system and I’ve taken 3 different teams to the championship with 3 different coaching staffs and team makeups. I had a lot of the material but wanted to round out my collection and get the updated versions on stuff. Thanks for following up, Im indebted to you.

Jeremy Scarlett,  Ventura CA

Wanted to say thanks for your system and instruction material.  We went 12-0 and won the Super Bowl at Middleweight.  Ages 10-13

Regan Earl  Chicago    TCYFL   Age   10-13         12-0   League Champions

Thanks so much for your system. Our team was outweighted and overmatched across the board and we tied 22-22 last night to a team that beat us last year 22-6 (could have been worse) and probably is one of the best teams we will play this year.

We implemented your winning youth football system, youth football playbook, practice methodology and youth football plays across the board including the practice plans and its made a world of difference. Thanks for taking the time to help a bunch of kids that have never been competitive in a league full of larger schools. Note: We only have 14 kids on the team with a girl starting. Thank You,

Eric Fleming

I wanted to thank you for introducing our coaches to your Winning Youth Football system last February in Baltimore. We implemented the offense and youth football plays this fall and ran your 6-2 and 4-4, depending on the opponent.   We had outstanding success.  We were runner-up state champions in Maryland.  The offense averaged 25 points per game making it the number 1 offense in our league.  The next closest was 80 points behind.  The thing I liked most was that we had 10 out of 17 kids score this year (1 on defense).  It was great spreading the ball around.  Merry Christmas to you and your family!

Rich George        Hereford Maryland  Bulls 10U   State Runners Up

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  1. Kelly Barker

    I have been running your system at a flag level with 8 men for the past 2 years (k-2). I removed the 2 back and both tackles. Our program just started running your 11 man tackle at the other levels so I did my best to recreate it at a 8 man flag level to feed that program. My first year I lost 3 games, 2 of which I had the playside DE beat me the other I didn’t have a play to flip the field. Had a good showing at the season end tournament.
    After a lot of offseason work. My second year, we only lost 1 season game against the second best team. Had my corners slow played better we would have won, even without my best player not being there. We went to the season ending tournament and met that team again in the championship game. I ran 14ISO 1 time all year, in that game only, to seal the game.
    I have a lot of push back from other teams about the system I run here. Their biggest complaint is that I only run 3 plays and they can’t stop them. 16sweep, 32 blast, and 43 reverse. I have about 12 plays we run.
    I am working on using more of your book to make me a more complete coach.
    Thank you Dave for giving my teams ND I the foundation to be a winning team and Coach!
    -Kelly Barker


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