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Game 3 Youth Football Season 2016


Game 3 Youth Football Pass Catch
Game 3 Youth Football Pass Cat











Game 3 Youth Football Season 2016

We’re back with our game 3 results and let yous see how our youth football season progressed, again in the hope you can see opportunities to apply what we have done to improve your youth football team this season. We opened up nicely with a 55 yard drive, scoring in 8 plays. The mix was our basic off-tackle power, inside wedge runs and an inside counter play. Defensively they went 3 and out an we took the ball down for another score after 11 plays to make it a 12-0 first quarter lead.

The other team was having a tough time getting plays off due primarily to having their backfield set so deep. Their wide splits and deep set backs meant lots of negative yardage plays, they had speed, but not that kind of speed.

It was obvious we were the better team, so we opened up the playbook a bit. Combining some additional formations, a wham play and then when we got down to their 20, we threw a pic. It wasn’t a bad throw, but our receiver was covered. I encouraged our Quarterback, let him know he tossed a nice ball, but that the play was a run pass option and his read was run. Let him know we hadn’t worked it a ton, not to worry about it. You can’t get on a young Quarterback about one bad throw especially early in the season. I started with what he had done right, then talked about the poor read and then blamed myself, not him for how we were going to improve. But let’s not get too hung up on which youth football plays we are calling or our playbook, fundamentally we were making progress on offense, defense not so much.

Some Adversity

It was in the 90s and humidity was in the 60s, so it was a mess of a game. We held on D, after they made a first down or two.  We were able to drive the ball in for another score before half to make it 18-0 going back to our base running game, our PAT kicks weren’t very good. Our Quarterback came out on his own after a pretty good hit. This rookie player was a bit overwhelmed by the heat and heavy load as he was playing Linebacker as well. We got him into the shade and firmly encouraged him and let him know he would only be playing one way the rest of the way out.

The other team nearly scored right before the half as our tackling and run fits got sloppy. A bit of overconfidence had combined with some rough weather to make this a game we should win, but wasn’t in the bag due to the speed and big play capabilities of 2 players for the other team.

Our goals for the second half were no turnovers, no penalties, score every possession and for our Quarterback to assume his leadership role on the field. We had hit our minimum play requirement easily in the first half, but stuck to the starters the first series on both sides.

Little Progress

We got a stop and then scored to make it 24-0, right at the mercy rule mark. So we subbed in all of our backups on defense and of course the other team scored. Now we opened up the playbook and completed several nice play action passes to take a 30-6 lead. The rest of the game was played out with backups.

This was not championship level football. We had tackled poorly especially in the open field, our PATs were awful, we had played kinda soft and our passing game needed help. We had blocked fairly well on offense, our alignments were great, we lost no fumbles and had just a single penalty. At 2-1, we were a work in progress taking a full step forward and a half step back. More on how we address these issues on the next post.

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