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Youth Football Recruiting- Using the Alabama- Nick Saban Approach

Nick Saban Youth Football Recruitin
Nick Saban Youth Football Recruiting
How does Alabama have the top rated college football recruiting classes every year? And how can we use the Alabama Nick Saban recruiting approach to help out our youth football recruiting? First of all we need to understand what Bama is doing to get all these 4 and 5 star players. Last week I saw some news on a 4 star WR and his recruiting proccess. Nick Saban was on Facetime with this kid live at some viewing party for the NFL Draft- for the first round. Bama had what 4 first round picks? Hmm, do you think those recruits might think Coach Saban might help them make it to the NFL?

Just think if Alabama would have had this as a big official visit weekend with a huge event- current players- current and former NFL players and fans all watching the draft together. Imagine the hoopla and credibility Bama would get from an event like that. I guess with where Bama is at now- they probably dont even need to do anything like that to get the best kids- but just think about if they did?

Jus think was So MANY of the top High School players in the nation- have as a main emphasis- need of what? Getting to the NFL as a top pick.
That isnt the need of many High School players looking at colleges- but it is one of the main motivators for the top kids Saban sells to that. So does John Calipari.
Is it good for the game ? That’s a different debate altogether.

 What this Means for Youth Football Recruiting

At the end of the day- as youth football coaches- we have to sell to the needs of our youth players AND the ultimate decision makers which are the the parents.
WHAT is it in your area that your kids and parents want to get out of the game- that you can legitimately deliver without compromising your values or hurting your program? You don’t want to sell what you can’t deliver, but maybe you can make some changes to make the offering in line with what parents and kids are looking for or what they think they are looking for. What can you do to improve your youth football recruiting by speaking to your end “customers” perceived needs?

Your kids and parents may be different- but this is what our parents want and what motivates kids in our area? Only you know that.  You have to figure out what YOUR parents- kids main motivators and develop an offering that speaks to that. You have to emphasize the what is MOST important. Of course if you do, again you better be able to deliver on it:

 Major Needs
These are many of the common needs for youth football parents and kids:
They want to have fun.
They want to get a lot out of practice- lower investment- higher return. They dont want to practice 5 times a week for a .500 record. Be EFFICIENT and effective- dont waste time.
They want safe and solid fundamentals taught to their kids so the kids can play safely.
Secondary to the above- SOME parents are concerned about making sure their kids are ready- well prepared to play High School football.
Parents want consistent and well trained coaches that legitimately care about their childs safety, well being and progress.
They want to play on a competitive team. Winning championships is great- but most are ok if the team is competitive and not getting smoked every week 40-0.
They want a special game day experience- kids and parents.
They want reasonably maintained uniforms and equipment.
Kids and parents want to see progress being made with both the individual player and the team.
The parents want simple easy to catch up on communication- games- practice times- events etc.
Parents don’t want to be overly committed volunteer wise.
Parents want clean, safe and well organized fields and concessions.
Parents want well organized leagues- games on time- refs- fields etc.
MANY parents do not want to travel far every week- low to moderate travel is ok with most.
To maintain and grow your youth football program you have to put your mind in the frame of the parents and kids. Yes, like it or not, you are a marketer. If you choose not to be, your program won’t be around for very long.
For more information on how to recruit and build your youth football program- this should be your first step-  Winning Youth Football a Step by Step Plan Book
Youth Football Coaching Book
Winning Youth Football Book

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  1. David Walker

    It’s great to learn that parents want consistent and well-trained coaches when you’re recruiting for football. My brother is wanting to become a college football recruiter and he was wondering what he should know before meeting with his first athlete. I’ll tell him to mention the program having consistent and well-trained coaches.


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