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Youth Football Season Game 4 Week

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Again this is a breakdown of a youth football season, to help coaches understand how to address certain issues they may very well find with their youth football team. After a week where we got back on the winning track, took a couple of steps forward and a step back it was time to get back to business.

It was time to concentrate a bit more on our passing game, build additional depth at the Quarterback and Defensive Back positions and develop a true utility player on the offensive line. That meant we would have our Tight Ends who were legitimate pass threats spend half of their indy practice time with the receivers instead of their usual role with the Offensive Line.

During our Offensive Line Board drills we chose a player who was competitive, but more importantly very smart to take the utility role. You never know who may be out of a game in youth football. Often times the second team player at the position isn’t the player that will give your offense the best chance at success. That means you need someone that can fill in at all the spots along the O-line. While all the fundamentals are the same, this player just needs to learn the plays. DON’T waste time teaching that during practice, you are better served teaching it during your GOD Fit drills, which can be done with all 7 Offensive Linemen against a static group of “defenders”, see details in the Offensive Line DVD or Cheat Cards. Offensive Line DVD and Ebook  Offensive Line Cheat Cards



To help build depth at the Quarterback spot, we cross trained a Fullback and Wingback, starting with just the base “Sainted Six” plays. These are all things youth football coaches should be looking to do as they enter preparation for Game 4.

This weeks opponent was a team that had won just 1 game and had been blown out by all the better teams. I had not taken the time to scout them, which is the norm for me when playing teams that have not been playing well. Getting film would be next to impossible, because of their opponents were teams we had yet to play. So on the scout portion of our practices we just did base defensive recognition against what we often times see- Double Tight-Wing, Twins, Trips, Unbalanced and Double Slot.

This weeks goals again was to develop depth and develop the passing game, next post will let you know how we did.

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