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Game 4 Youth Football Season 2016










When you are coaching youth football, the goal is to play to potential. You are ALWAYS playing against yourself. In this weeks game we won 25-13, however in the game against ourselves we lost.

What did we do well? We consistently moved the ball on the ground. Our play action passing game has improved. We had a single turnover,  no bad snaps and just two penalties. What didn’t we do well? We tackled poorly in space, our special teams were poor and our overall tackling was poor.

Why was this the case? We devoted a lot of practice time to developing depth and the passing game at the expense of improving our fundamentals. The game was never in doubt, however we never put the other team away like we should have. This is a common mistake for many youth coaches, they look at an area to improve at the expense of the bigger picture. It was disappointing to say the least and all on the coaching staff.

This next weeks opponent is unbeaten and unscored upon. They are a spread team that can run and throw it very well and they have the numbers and talent to pull it off. Stay tuned to the next installment to see how we ready our team for this weeks challenge.

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