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Watch Your Game Films from Home, no More DVDs to burn

Have you heard about the easiest way to get more practice time for your kids without scheduling more practice times or meetings?

How about getting some positive admiration from your player’s agents; a.k.a. parents and grandparents?

Hudl is what we use.

It is a very simple and inexpensive coaching and team building tool that uses your own game film.

Hudl is a leading software company revolutionizing the way coaches and athletes prepare for and stay ahead of the competition. Hudl offers the tools to edit and share video, study associated play diagrams, and create quality highlight reels for entertainment and recruiting purposes. The whole experience is available online, giving coaches and athletes secure access at home and on the go.

What does it do?

It allows your coaches, parents and players to watch their filmed games from home.

Your parents and coaches get an e-mail that the film is ready to watch.

Then, they log in using a password that they set up when the first e-mail is sent to them and watch the game from home on their computer.

Simple Highlight Films:

Using the “star” feature, highlight films are now a breeze. Once you type your roster into Hudl, all you have to do is click on that players name if you want to “save” that clip into the players highlight reel. You can do the same for team highlights, offensive highlights, big hits, etc.
Instead of spending hundreds of hours trying to search through and creating team or individual highlight DVDs you do it in the click of a mouse the first time you look at the film.
For Example:
You have a great touchdown run and Billy and Tommy did real well on the play, just click on Billy’s name, Tommy’s name, and team highlight name. You or your parents then can burn a DVD of the file for free or Hudl can do it for you for a small fee.

Hudl Features

  • You can use the “telestrate” feature that allows you to draw freehand lines and arrows over your film to let players know what they should have done on the play.
  • You can tag every play. Let’s say you want to see all the 16 Powers you ran for the season.
  • You just go to the 16 Powers folder, they are all there or just do a sort.
  • We have Hudl e-mail the kids the very good ones and the real poor ones. Many kids are visual, and learn very quickly this way.
  • You can even use it for scouting if you have film of your opponents.

Parents Are Going to Love You

Bring your team to the next level

Just think how much love you are going to get from the parents. Grandpa lives 1,000 miles away and would love to see one of their grandkids’ games. YOU are making this possible when you sign up for Hudl.

How does it help my team get better?

Kids have no clue how well they play or their true effort levels. By watching their games, this gives them the real story, “film never lies”.

With the comment feature, only your coaches will have the ability to add text box comments right over the film like:

“Joey on the 16 power, you have to attack your kick out block on the inside and keep your head on the outside of the defensive end”.

No More Wasted Time Film Sessions

If you have done team film sessions, you know what a waste of time most of them become.

Usually it’s something to the tune of kids throwing ice, goofing around, and/or talking while you try to follow your notes and stop at certain spots in the film to make comments.

Rarely do you get the detail you want from these sessions, and for most, they are an exercise in frustration. When you use Hudl you get detailed and accurate analysis of the game film that kids can understand and you don’t waste valuable practice time using it.

Hudl also has a feature that shows you how much time each player spent watching the film.

How does it work?

Simply download the film to your computer like you do today, upload it to Hudl via the internet, simple stuff.

They have live technicians available via e-mail, or even phone if you have a problem. When I say it is simple, it IS. I’m non-techie, if I can do it, anyone can.

You designate who has permission to see the film and who can comment and you are done. Each time you download a video your e-mail list is alerted that another film is ready to watch. Your specified users just log onto the Hudl site and they are watching your film.

It’s like getting another practice every week without all the headaches.

What does Hudl Cost

Hudl is only $99 per year at the youth level, with 2 hours of practice and scout video and a 5 coach and 25 player account max.

For $299 per year you get

  • 5 hours of Practice and Scout Video
  • 10 Coach and 40 Player Accounts
  • 7am-7 pm Phone Support
  • Exchange Video- With other Hudl Users

That means for less than $100 you can use Hudl for your season.

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