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Testimonials from Football Legands

Dr. Tom Osborne


“Great instructions for teaching good fundamentals are critical for the sport of football. Dave Cisar, his book and the Screaming Eagle Organization teach proper practice methods and techniques to get the youth player properly grounded in the sport and more importantly to have fun while they do it.”

Tom Osborne
Former Head Coach
University of Nebraska
College Football Hall of Fame

Dave Rimington – College Football Hall of Fame

“What Dave Cisar and the Screaming Eagles are doing in Nebraska is inspirational. Truly, I believe the Eagles organization should be congratulated and studies to ensure that youth football organizations throughout this great country can share in the joy and life lessons discovered through using this system.

The Screaming Eagles have a proven tack record when it comes to winning youth football games. Because of this track record, the emphasis on teamwork and thousands for hours of research Dave has done, this book does what it claims in the title. It is a how-to book designed for you, the coach to provide your players and your community a method of Winning Youth Football games.

Reading this book makes me think like a coach, it inspires me to coach, and it makes me reflect and remember the joy and satisfaction I felt from playing and coaching youth football. “Winning Youth Football” is a ready-to-use football tutor available at your fingertips. Every youth football coach should have this book in his arsenal.”

Dave Rimington
Outland Trophy Winner 1981, 1982
University of Nebraska
Cincinnati Bengals, Philadelphia Eagles
College Football Hall of Fame

Jerry Tagge – Nebraska – All-America Football Player

“This book is a “must” read for all coaches and assistant coaches who coach youth programs on all levels.It is football specific, but his principles and disciplines pertain to coaches of every youth sports.

Dave Cisar has put together a step-by-step SYSTEM on how to organize, prepare and coach every aspect of a youth football program.Every coach involved in youth programs, including high school coaches, need to read and study this book.

His system is built on sound fundamentals of “what” as well as “what not” to do.His system teaches team ethics to include leadership, sportsmanship, integrity, respect for the game, coaches and referees, and all based on Christian principles. I encourage every coach to read and study this book and make it the foundation of your program.”

Jerry Tagge
University of Nebraska
Quarterback for both 1970 & 1971 National Championship Teams
Green Bay Packers
BC Lions

Coaches who have used Dave's System

Dave, Had a great time at the Seattle Clinic! Even though I know your books inside and out, I still got 3 pages of new notes from you! This year we were League Champs at 7-9 year olds retained all but 1 kid. Last year that team was 0-7 only scored 6 points all season.

Sean Lyons, Lakes Jr Lancers, Seattle, WA Age 7-9 League Champions

This season we were League Champions and won the UYFL National Championship in Tampa Florida. This season we averaged 49pts a game and finished the regular season un-scored on. My team the Maryland Seahawks14U loves football and loves your system. It makes being on offense so much more fun for them and keeps them interested. In 2013 we won the AAU National Championship in Orlando,FL and averaged 41 points a game thanks to your system.

Jarvis Thomas Maryland Seahawks 14U Landover MD League Champions, UYFL National Champions

The Homewood Flossmoor Jr. Vikings Mighty-mite level won the Chicagoland UYFL conference with a 9-0 regular season and 3 playoff wins to secure the local championship. The Jr. Vikings then went to the UYFL national championship tournament in Plant City Florida and won 2 more games before losing in the National championship game 27-19. This 8-9 year old team ran the Sainted 6, Mouse, Spinner and Jet formations on offense and ran the WT6 on defense. The offense scored 361 points in 15 games and the defense allowed 70 points in those 15 games.

Sean Bacon, Homewood-Flossmoor Jr. Vikings, Age 8-9 Chicagoland UYFL League Champions, UYFL National Championship. Runner-Up. 14-1

Coach Dave Cisar's System Creates Winning Teams Across the Country

Just wanted to share with you my 2014 season. This year I decided to take on a whole new challenge by coaching a group of boys, the majority of them who had not won a game in 3 years! Here is what I took on: Last year in our local organization (Hampstead Ravens), the team one age group below my team had struggled miserably over 3 years. 0-18 record, only 5 touchdowns scored. On their very last practice in October of 2013 their coaching staff failed to show up to coach them that evening. Our first game of the season was against the 2013 10-12 year old Maryland State Champions. A very good, well coached, and athletic team. Our boys won the game 28-6. They almost scored as many TD’s in one game as in all 3 previous seasons combined. Something new that we did over previous years is that we added a grave yard adjacent to our practice field and we created tombstones of each team we defeated with the score. The boys loved it. An idea I borrowed from Coach Bobby Bowden of FSU fame. Our boys went on to dominate every team thereafter, going undefeated 14-0, Regular Season Division Champions, League Super Bowl Champions and Maryland State Champions by scoring 461 points on offense and giving up only 20 points on defense. They had 11 shut outs and in 6 games the opposing team did not get a first down. An amazing accomplishment. These were the same teams that ran all over these boys 3 seasons in a row. The boys even came up with their own call to battle, “You got my back! I got your back!” Even with all the great stats and victories, our team still had to overcome adversity including injuries and personal challenges at home. I credit this season’s success to the dedication of the parents and the boys that committed to following a proven system, WinningYouthFootball, and our coaches that were 100 % dedicated to helping these boys have the best season of their lives. Our goal was to create memories that would last them a lifetime. If you believe and follow the WinningYouthFootball system exactly how it is to be run, you will achieve great success no matter what type of kids you will coach. We proved it, we took a group of kids that had zero success 3 years prior and turned them in to Champions. The system works!

Tony Holland Hampstead Ravens, Hampsted MD, Ages 11-13 League Champions, Maryland State Champions 14-0 Worst to First Team and Coach of the Year


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